1830 Pigot's Trade Directory


list of names and the following occupations/trades in alphabetical order

Cabinet Makers Carpenters/Joiners Chairmakers Chymists/Druggists
Coopers Corn Millers Curriers Dyers
Earthenware Dealers Farriers Fellmongers/Tawers Fire & Office Agents
Glovers Grocers/Tea Dealers Hair Dressers Inns/Public Houses
Ironmongers Linen Drapers

Surname Forename(s) Occupation Further information
Kenwood Wm Cabinet Maker Silver Street
Cazeley William Carpenter/Joiner Mill Street
Eveleigh William Carpenter/Joiner Mill Street
Norrington Chas Carpenter/Joiner Paternoster Row
Norrington James Carpenter/Joiner Broad Street
Radford George Carpenter/Joiner Snowhill
Trapp James Carpenter/Joiner Sandhill Street
Harris Wm Chairmaker Younder Street
Sorrell James Chymist/Druggist Broad Street
Walker James Chymist/Druggist Silver Street
Hake Henry Cooper Younder Street
Reed William Corn miller Town mill
Salter Thomas & Philip Curriers Silver Street
Tapscott George Currier Silver Street
Archer Thomas Dyer Tipple Street
Norrington Amelia Earthenware Dealer Mill Street
Traer William Earthenware dealer Cornhill
Heard Ann Farrier Paternoster Row
Bowers John Fellmonger/Tawer Mill Street
Phillips George Fellmonger/Tawer Paternoster Row
Coleridge Fras G Fire & Office Agent ATLAS, Silver Street
Glanville & Bate Fire & Office Agents NORWICH UNION, Silver St
Norrington Jas Fire & Office Agent ROYAL EXCHANGE, Broad St
Seward Fras Fire & Office Agent WEST OF ENGLAND, Mill St
Humphrey Henry Glover Mill Street
Clark James Tea Dealer Sandhill Street
Evans Samuel Grocer/Tea Dealer Market Square
Harvey Thomas Grocer/Tea Dealer Broad Street
Shepperd Thomas Grocer/Tea Dealer Silver Street
Walker James Grocer/Tea Dealer Silver Street
Oldridge William Hair dresser Mill Street
Perriman John Inn/Public House Five Bells, Mill St
Stockman Zachariah Inn/Public House Kings Arms, Sandhill St
Druller John Inn/Public House Lamb & Flag, Younder St
Livermore William Inn/Public House Red Lion, Broad St
Jeffery Thos Inn/Public House Volunteer, Broad St
Norrington James Ironmonger Broad Street
Coombe Joseph Linen Draper Cornhill
Evans Samuel Linen Draper Market Square
Harvey Thomas Linen Draper Broad Street
Shepperd Thomas Linen Draper Silver Street
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