in alphabetical order of occupation/trade; individual addresses were not given

Occupation/Trade Name
Nobility, Gentry and Clergy Beavis, Mrs Sarah
Nobility, Gentry and Clergy Bounsall, Rev John
Nobility, Gentry and Clergy Glanville, Mr Thomas
Nobility, Gentry and Clergy Keene, Mr Francis
Academies & Schools Bounsall, Rev John
Attorney Jeffery, Francis Robert
Auctioneer Pocock, Leonard
Baker Gigg, John
Baker Quick, Henry
Baker Reed, Henry
Blacksmith Searle, William
Blacksmith Toby, John
Boot/Shoemaker Berry, William
Boot/Shoemaker Carter, Solomon
Boot/Shoemaker Ford, Charles
Boot/Shoemaker Hallett, William
Boot/Shoemaker Huxtable, William Davis
Boot/Shoemaker Reed, John Joseph
Butcher Digby, William
Butcher Mitchell, Joseph
Cabinet Maker Pocock, Leonard
Carpenter/Joiner Livermore, Thomas
Curriers Salter, Thomas & Philip
Five Bells Public House Harris, James
Retailer of Beer Carter, Solomon
Retailer of Beer Guningham, Samuel
Retailer of Beer Hallett, John
Retailer of Beer Taylor, William
Glover Humphry, William
Ironmonger Southcott, Thomas
Maltster Newbery, Samuel
Milliner Reed, Susan Nation
Shop Bole, Nicholas
Shop Gigg, John
Shop Meldon, William
Shop Perriman, John
Shop White, John
Surgeons Davy, Thomas & John
Tailor Toby, William
Tanner Taylor, George

POST OFFICE (John Reed, Post-Master) -
Letters from LONDON &c arrive every morning at eight, and are despatched every afternoon at half-past five.
Letters from EXETER &c arrive every night at eight, and are despatched every morning at five.

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