1844 Pigot's Trade Directory


list of names and the following occupations/trades in alphabetical order

Academies/Schools Attorneys Auctioneers Bakers
Blacksmiths Booksellers/Stationers Boot/Shoemakers Brick Makers
Bricklayers/Masons Butchers
Surname Forename(s) Occupation Further information
Rev Sidney Wm, DD
Rev Augustus A
Mr Thomas
King's School College
Chaplan John Parish School Younder Street
Baker Mary Ann Academies & Schools Paternoster Row
Bounsall Rev John Academies & Schools Mill Street
Harvey Thomas Academies & Schools Broad Street
Thompson Rev Henry Thurston Academies & Schools Cott House
Wheaton Miss Academies & Schools Sandhill Street
Bate John Maynard Attorney Cornhill
Coleridge Francis George Attorney Silver Street
Davy Henry Attorney Broad Street
Jeffery Francis Robert Attorney Mill Street
Pocock Leonard Auctioneer Mill Street
Tremlett James Auctioneer Silver Street
Burrough John Baker Silver Street
Coles William Baker Cornhill
Gigg John Baker Mill Street
Hopkins Henry Baker Younder Street
Norrington James Joseph Baker Sandhill Street
Quick Henry Baker Mill Street
Reed Henry Baker Mill Street
Salter Richard Baker Broad Street
Wicker John Baker Silver Street
Wicker William Baker Paternoster Row
Baker James Blacksmith Tipple Street
Coles William Blacksmith Tipple Street
Gouldsworthy Richard Blacksmith Tipple Street
Salter James Blacksmith Honiton Road
Searle William Blacksmith Mill Street
Shepherd John Blacksmith Honiton Road
Toby John Blacksmith Mill Street
Baker Richard Bookseller/Stationer Paternoster Row
Harvey John William Bookseller/Stationer Broad Street
Harvey Samuel Bookseller/Stationer/Printer Broad Street
Berry William Boot & Shoemaker Mill Street
Carnell John Boot & Shoemaker Paternoster Row
Carter Solomon Boot & Shoemaker Mill Street
Fisher Richard Boot & Shoemaker Younder St
Ford Charles Boot & Shoemaker Mill St
Godfrey William Boot & Shoemaker Broad St
Hake Thomas Boot & Shoemaker Broad Street
Hallett William Boot & Shoemaker Mill Street
Huxtable William Davis Boot & Shoemaker Mill Street
Oldridge Henry Boot & Shoemaker Silver Street
Reed John Joseph Boot & Shoemaker Mill Street
Shorland William Boot & Shoemaker Younder Street
Shorland James Brick Maker Younder Street
Shorland William Brick Maker Tipple Street
Digby John Bricklayer/Mason Broad St
Pullman John Bricklayer/Mason Broad Street
Cockman Thomas Butcher Younder Street
Coles Edwin Butcher Cornhill
Digby William Butcher Mill Street
Jones Walter Butcher Sandhill Street
Mitchell Joseph Butcher Mill Street
Teed Richard Butcher Broad Street
Williams Henry Butcher Younder Street
Williams William Butcher Cornhill
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